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Did you know, on average, human beings forget approximately 80% of their memory each day?

Crazy, I know.

My jaw dropped too when I first acknowledged this fact. Immediately, I became anxious and began questioning myself “What important dates have I forgotten because of this very fact?” and even until this day, I often worry about what I have forgotten.

This, my friends, is when a planner comes in handy. Especially if you worry – like myself – about forgetting important dates, plans and / or great blog ideas!

 I bought this very notebook not too long ago after realising I needed to prioritize my blog better than what I did before I remodelled my blog. And I'm happy I did. If you’re inspired by this, and astounded by the fact the same way I was and you're also willing to purchase a notebook, or even if you have one, ensure that you:

- Write down your ideas. If you have an idea, don’t say to yourself “oh, I’ll remember!” because remember, 80% of us, won’t remember!

- Keep it organised - for your own sake. Nobody likes to read an unorganised planner. You bought the planner to be organised.

- Keep it fun and personal for yourself so that you enjoy using your planner. Use colours if you’re a colour kind of person, or decorate it as you please. Make it pleasing for you. I mean, it is your own planner after all.


  1. Loving the simplicity of this Jes! I've always tried to be organised when it comes to my blog and at the moment I have a whole list of things/ideas I want to implement for my blog...shame I can't add more hours to the day though :-(

    1. Thanks Sam. :)

      It's the look I'm trying to achieve, and I'm happy someone pointed it out so far.

      If only we could. That would be useful for me in terms of my University work.

  2. I am loving the new look of your posts and this was great :)
    My planner is my life saver really!

  3. 80%!!!When I read that I thought exactly what you described - 'what have I forgotten today?' The simplistic look of your blog is to die for. I am in a state of total swoon.
    bella xx

  4. everything is so clean on here!! I just love it! great tips for organizing, i never realized how important that was until i tried to blog every day!

    good post!


  5. ah, it's crazy how much one can forget! i've been meaning to buy a notebook for blog things for so long, maybe now i'll actually do it, haha:-) x

  6. This is so great! I've only just started planning everything out in my diary and it is so helpful to see what I have planned and to be able to schedule in advance. Can't believe that stat though!! Crazy! xoxo

  7. Really love this idea. I currently write my idea on my computers calender but nothing beats pen and paper does it?! Plus this is an excuse to go out and look for a really cute notebook. Is it just me that's still obsessed with cute stationary?

    Katie |

    1. Not at all! I adore stationary and always love a new University year so I can have an excuse to purchase more. :)

  8. This sounds like a good plan, I think a notebook dedicated specifically to my blog would probably be quite a help. This is a bit weird, but what type of pen is that? It just looks like it makes a nice line on the page, that's all. :)

    1. Not weird at all! It's a great pen. Actually, it's just a cheap fine-liner aha. :)

      They're very neat compared to your average pen.

  9. I have a notebook because I already know how awful my memory is, but it's all a book of quick scribbles & ideas. I took the first step to organization, but didn't get very far. Haha. You're sleek blog layout is wonderful, by the way!


  10. I love this! This was incredible helpful.
    I love how encouraging the blogging community is.
    Thanks for posting.
    xoxo Chelsea Francis

  11. Great tips and sweet photos!!! :)


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