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A lot has been happening lately.

University, mostly, but it really feels like days have gone by so fast that I haven’t even had enough time to grasp onto them and really take it in. Which is unfortunate.
I hate asking myself “where has the day gone?” because it really feels like I have wasted a day, a week, and a month even.

But hopefully I will be back on track now that I am on break for two weeks. Two weeks to catch up on my blog and yours!

For now, here are some things that I have been up to:

+ spending as much time as I can with the people who make me happy

+ I got my nails did, finally. And I love them

+ a little reminder that spring is on it’s way very soon. In fact, on Monday! I’m too excited.

I hope you are all well. I miss you too much!


  1. Beautiful photo's as usual! I feel the same, wondering what I have been doing when the clock goes so fast! xx

  2. the little Photo Booth slips are the cutest!

  3. b&w photo booth slips, gaahhh <3 I love those. hope life calms down for you, Jes

  4. i remember those days, 4 years in university felt like a year with so much things to get done, deadlines, classes, projects - i miss them now! enjoy your break, have lots of fun! also i love the color on you nails, what is it? grey-ish blue? purple?

    sharon @ shasummerwine.

    1. I actually don't remember the name of the polish, but I do have one similar at home called Lav-endure.

      It's a purple, grey. :)

  5. Great photos!!!! Love it!

  6. Love the pictures!
    xx ❤ ♬

  7. Getting your nails done is seriously underrated. It adds the extra polish to your days!
    I feel as if I've wasted away most days, too. It's such a darn shame, hopefully we can both get back on track soon.


  8. Happy Spring! Glad to hear you are spending time with people that make you happy and your nails look amazing! I wish mine looked half as good! Lovely photographs. xo

  9. I hope you're well and have a relaxing break! Love your nails xx

  10. I get that too but I always feel like some days were just made to be wasted. But it's great that you're back into it, I love reading your blog. I definitely need to get my nails done I think that'd perk me up! xxx


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