Apollo Bay


 The coast is such a beautiful place to stay for a weekend and I only wish that I lived there permanently.

Last Friday Kevin and I packed our suitcases and headed south to a wonderful place by the name of Apollo Bay in Victoria, Australia.  I desperately wanted to go to Apollo Bay because 1) I absolutely adore and live for the coast and 2) I wanted an opportunity to go wild with my beloved camera and visit the Twelve Apostles – which I will post about another time.

To get to Apollo Bay, there is Australia’s most famous road you must drive down known as the Great Ocean Road – it’s such a beautiful drive, I’ll tell you that much – the views are to die for. And along the way Kevin and I stopped to take some photographs.

The location we stayed at was flawless and although we were only ten minutes away from town I felt so far away from civilization.  

I can’t really take credit for the flawless accommodation however. Kevin actually found this beauty himself and we both knew as soon as we lied eyes on it that, that is where we wanted and needed to stay for the two nights we were in Apollo Bay.

I recommend Paradise Gardens Cottages if you’re planning to visit Apollo Bay any time soon!


  1. Gorgeous photographs!

  2. holy smokes the last seagull picture! epic! it looks awesome, i want to go there..

  3. I wish I could visit Apollo Bay and this particular accommodation, except I'm like a million miles away in another country - it looks beautiful. And your photography is just amazing!
    Bits & Bobs

  4. The place you stayed look so amazing :O I am really jealous! haha
    I love that photo of you so much, the one you have on Facebook as well. So beautiful Jes! :)
    I'm so glad you had a lovely getaway!

    1. It really was Meg. :')

      Thank you! Muchly appreciated x

  5. Gorgeous photos! Looks like a lovely place.


  6. You know Jes, you live in the best state in the whole of Australia :) I envy you and Meg all the time, especially when an adventure like this pops up. The riverside cottages are enchanting - Kevin certainly made the perfect choice! Good for you two, spoil yourselves. x


    1. Aw, thank you Rachel. I am amazed by our state too to be honest. Which I just mentioned in my recent post.

      Thanks x

  7. Ah so beautiful Jes! I need to come back to Victoria and have a wander. It's so beautiful <3


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