Summer in Australia


Barbeques, ice cream, festivals, beaches, Christmas trees, warm nights, campfires, the smell of freshly cut grass, adventures, Christmas, the new year and new beginnings is what reminds me of summer in Australia.

Unlike countries such as America, England and Canada, we celebrate Christmas wearing singlets and shorts rather than festive Christmas sweaters and slippers. And this does not bother me – although, I can’t deny the delightfulness of Christmas sweaters, let’s be honest. They are the best things about Christmas. Nevertheless, I quite like Christmas in Australia because of it being summer.

I don’t know about you, but in summer my mood shifts. I feel a lot more optimistic throughout the warmer months rather than the colder ones. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I love winter, but there’s something about summer that reminds me of opportunities and new beginnings.

Last week my family, Kevin and I spontaneously went to the beach. Although it was a little colder that day and the wind was existent, I wouldn’t have had it any other way. The company made the day worth it.

And let’s take a moment and appreciate the adorableness between Kevin and Alex (my nephew) in these photos!

I am so ready for summer in December, and the new year in January!

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  1. oh my, these photos are wonderful! I love how simplistic your blog is-- it fits your content so well!

  2. You have summarised it all so well. Summer in Australia is the best season imo :)

  3. Yes! I agree, although a wintery Christmas would be incredible, I guess it's just something we've grown to love as Australians - a warm new year gives us that want for new beginnings and the chance to go out and do something about it whilst the weather allows us!

  4. I really miss summer! And it is SO weird to me to think that there are a lot of people that spend christmas with hot weather. I'd LOVE to try it though! Spending Christmas eve at the beach must be fantastic,I'm not going to lie! I hope you have a lovely christmas and start the new year off right :) xx

  5. This post is perfect!! I really want to experience a cold Christmas one day but I'm very happy with our hot one!

  6. Yayyyy summer! There is nothing greater :) can't wait for shrimp on the BBQ this season haha

  7. I am super excited for summer too, and it has been really warm here for the past week, although today it was raining and cold and I was just like, are you kidding me? It's supposed to be the first day of summer! But yes, summer makes me super optimistic and happy. Sometimes I feel like a lizard, I just need to sit in the sun for a while to be able to do anything. :)

  8. Since I'm from Northern Europe I find the idea of Christmas in the middle of summer so odd. It's funny how what's normal for you is weird to me, and vice versa. I hope you'll have an amazing summer! :)

    xx Mimmi, Muted Mornings

  9. i'm jealous that your christmas is in summer - how fun to play outside instead of being cooped up! (although there IS something magical about the snow..) these photos are beautiful! xo

  10. although I was born in Australia I've never been able to celebrate Christmas there. The fact of having Christmas in summer would be so joyous to me. :] // ▲ ▲

  11. Lovely images!

    Having grown up with Christmas being in a colder climate I honestly couldn't imagine the festive season any other day - it just seems weird to me, haha! I understand what you mean about the warmer weather being a more optimistic time.
    Bits & Bobs

  12. I am so excited for summer!
    I have my sunscreen at the ready :)
    Christmas Carols on the tv on Christmas Eve oh my!
    Jes, you've official got me motivated and excited about all things Christmas, think of the lights! :)
    If you go to the Boulevard again this year we should try to meet up or something, isn't it insane that was a year ago?!

    1. Hopefully just as motivated as me! :)
      Yes, we should definitely do that.

  13. such beautiful photos once again! I wish it was summer here, I'm already cold! :( xx

  14. I can't imagine a hot christmas- I live in England !! I don't know if I would like it, it would be weird for me. Cool blog. Please go check out my blog and I would love a follow.

  15. I tried to image Christmas in your shoes, and I just can't. Simply can't. Although I did live in California for a bit and experienced Christmas without the snow and warmer weather. However I just can't image doing that. However your world, filled with its sunshine, looks a lot more fun than mine right now.


  16. I'd much rather have it the other way around for once! Never had a wintery/white Christmas before so it'd be an absolute dream to me. Christmas sweaters are just the cherry on top of it all, and I think I'd probably be wrapped up in one on the day - in denial of summer haha.
    I feel similarly about the seasons. Summer is always full of sentimentality, but this spring-like weather at the moment doesn't have me complaining ;)

  17. I am from the uk, so it is absolutely freezing here! Your beautiful pictures make me jealous of the warm weather! It's good that you are having a good time though!

  18. I know exactly how it feels, celebrating Christmas during the summer. I went to America one year for Christmas, and it felt weird. I honestly love all our barbeques, the hot weather, the santa hats paired with singlets and shorts. I also love your photography of the beautiful Aussie beaches <3

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