I'm Moving?!


After keeping it a secret for many months now – unless you have followed me on Facebook since last Tuesday – I can finally announce that I am moving houses!

Although moving can be exciting for me - especially when I get to reinvent my space - it can be rather daunting. Packing isn’t what I like to spend my days doing and to be fair… I always seem to struggle when I have to throw out objects I don’t need. Can you see my dilemma?

Anywho, my family and I move quite often. In fact, I have moved eight times to be exact throughout my life so this should be no different. But it is.

And this is what I am most excited about: Kevin and I finally conjured up the courage and are now in the process of moving out of our parents house and into our very own!

By very own, I don’t actually mean our very own house. We’re only renting until we save up enough money to actually buy our own house, but still… this is still so exciting.

I’m not going to lie though; throughout the week I have been quite anxious and I did slip into slight depression at one stage knowing that I was moving away from my “home”, but now I feel like I am more ready than ever, hence why I feel willing to share it with the world.

However, I do know that this will test mine and Kevin’s relationship, it will test our independence, but nevertheless, I couldn’t be any more thrilled than what I am. Especially now that I know I can develop my own space to my own desire rather than my parents. Eee!

I particularly can’t wait to show you around the house. I feel like after I make the big move – which is this coming Tuesday, by the way – my blogging will improve. I’ll have my own space, my own inspiration and… I don’t know.  My own everything! I just know this will make me so much more motivated and so much more willing to blog.

So, the next time I speak to you, I should be in our new house! However, we won’t have Internet for two weeks top, so if I go M.I.A please don’t be alarmed. I’m alive, just very, very busy!


  1. Congratulations Jes! I know it's daunting to move (I'm moving out in 2 months EEP!) but I think it's the start of an amazing adventure. x

    1. Oh my! I wish you the best of luck as well. :) x

  2. YAAAAS. I had guessed that this was the big thing you had referred to, but I had no idea that you were moving out to be independent.
    This is awesome!
    I wish you and Kev the best of luck, it's a huge thing for you guys :)

    Can't wait to see the new place! x

    1. Hehe, I thought some people may have got it!

      Thank you Meg, I appreciate it a ton. I can't wait to show everyone. :)

  3. Congrats! How exciting. Maybe a bit of adjustment but it will be beautiful too!


  4. That's amazing! It will take getting used too but its a very exciting step :) I wish you and your boyfriend the best of luck :) x
    Sinead - sineaddreamingagain.blogspot.ie

  5. Congrats on the move! I hope you both get settled and moved in smoothly!

    Kendra | It's a Bug's Life

  6. good luck on the move!! love the blog.

  7. That is so exciting! Moving can be stressful but it is also so fun and I love a big change sometimes.
    - C
    Claudine Converses

  8. Oh, the dilemma is real. Especially if you're a hoarder like me, it's near impossible to discard anything!
    But seriously congratulations Jes! This is all so exciting and new and wondrous, and as you mentioned the best part is having the space as your own. I'm sure this will bring about more than just newfound creativity, and I can't wait to see how you'll do up the place. It can say a lot about a person and their approach to things! I'm excited for you to go furniture shopping and whatnot :D

  9. Congratulations Jes! Moving might be quite stressful but I always see it as a fresh start! I find it extremely exciting! :) I hope everything goes well! xx
    Love, Jo.


  10. That’s good news! You must’ve been very excited on your moving day! Anyway, how was your first stay there? I hope you didn’t find it difficult to adjust to the new location. It really happens, especially when it’s your first time to move out. Good luck!

    Cathy Schwartz @ Best Rate Removals

    1. We really were. Anxious but definitely excited there's no doubt about that.

      The first stay there was extremely exciting and both Kevin and I were thrilled. And everything is going just fine. Although we still haven't got the internet as of yet!

      Thank you! x

  11. Hurray & good luck! Moving is a unique blend of stress and fun. Looking forward to seeing the new place :)

  12. Living in your own place does really come with big responsibilities. So, how’s it going in your new apartment? And how does it feel to be in your own place? I hope that everything’s fine and that you and Kevin are handling things well. Good luck and I wish you all the best, Jes!

    June Griffith @ Arnold Self


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