Shorter Mondays, Stronger Coffees


It’s Monday again.

It’s the beginning of the week; the week before is in the past and this week is completely up to you.

I want this week to be easy and less than stressful. Last week was the complete opposite. Not only did I begin University for the year, but also I had to reschedule my classes for this year due to the University enrolment having a malfunction. I then, therefore, had to re-study my units and begin again. Although it had it’s good moments, last week wasn’t at all easy or less than stressful. If anything, it was beyond stressful and I am openly grateful that it is over.

Here’s to the new week being more organised and “easy”. I hope yours is just as easy as mine.

May your Monday be short and may your coffee be strong. 


  1. UGH MONDAYS!!! Hope yours is great!

  2. Mondays are always tough. Hope you had a good one! -Dems ♥

  3. Cheers to coffee and better days! Although... I do love my coffee a little creamy. :)

    1. To be honest with you, I think I would prefer my coffee a little bit creamy too. haha

  4. Hi! I nominated you for the liebster award:) Check out my last post!

  5. i think i need coffee just as strong any day :)
    have a great week!

  6. Ah that's so frustrating to hear about your classes being scheduled wrong! I hope it is much smoother sailing from here on in :)
    Good luck for the academic year ahead! x


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