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It’s autumn – one of my favourite seasons -, it’s exactly a week before my birthday today, and right now, life is superb.

Today deserved a Life, Lately post, just because.

1 / since Kevin and I still – and probably won’t, ever while we’re here – have the Internet on in our house for ridiculous reasons, I have been reading a heck of a lot.  Particularly a lot of Rainbow Rowell (I say a lot; I actually mean two books).  I enjoyed them both.

Emma from The Earth Through a Lens recommended Fangirl a while ago now, and I finally got around to reading it and I loved it. Thanks Emma! Once I completed and fell in love with Fangirl, I had to get Eleanor & Park also by Rowell, and I loved that, too.

I am currently reading The Two of Us by Andy Jones and he, too, is brilliant.

2 / yesterday I had time to myself to treat myself. I had a bath, and decided to paint my nails – I haven’t done that for quite some time – and it felt nice. Specifically because I was feeling rather anxious for no apparent reason.

3 / this one is a little more – okay, a lot more, - exciting. Since it is my birthday in exactly a week, Kevin purchased something very, very special for me. But I won’t say what it is yet, but you can probably already guess what it is from the last picture.

But I can assure you, after Wednesday sometime, you will know and find out and (if you’re like me), you will fall in love just as much as I did!


  1. I loved reading Fangirl!

    Emma |

  2. It’s a really great post! Can’t wait to see the next one!)
    And I like your blog very much!)

    Diana Cloudlet

  3. Oh I'm looking forward to hearing about what you got for your birthday/how you spend it! I'm looking for some books to read when I have some holiday from uni soon.. might try one you've suggested! I just don't seem to be getting into any lately. I wonder whether I need something really ultra gripping that I literally can't put down!

    Imogen x

    1. I will definitely keep you updated then :)

      Yes, definitely do that. They are an easy, light read, but I loved it nevertheless. :) If you're looking for something like that then, I highly suggest anything by Rebecca James. She's an amazing psychological thriller writer in my opinion.

  4. I miss having time to read a book and be completely lost in one, these days there's always things to be done, almost as if there's no downtime except sleep! hopefully I'll find sometime soon, and I can't wait for your special birthday post :)

    x Sharon

    Please say you are, at first I was like is that a garter? That is the weirdest way to propose ever! haha. Unless of course that's what it is, in which case that's cool then :P Okay, I'm going to stop now haha
    I'm sorry to hear about your internet situation! Is it worth getting like an internet stick or are they too expensive for everyday use? Surely there is someone you can sue! :P


    1. Oh, I may be! ;) haha.

      Aha, that's funny. A garter. I can see why you thought that! It would be a weird way to propose, actually. But don't worry, no one proposed to anyone haha.
      Actually, I was thinking about that. I have to maybe find a good deal. If you know anything, do let me know. :) x

  6. It's so soon I hope you have a great birthday!!! And I was thinking the same as Meg at first hahaha but my next guess is an animal too...? awwww I hope it is! xx

  7. that's such a pretty shade of polish for spring ! :)


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