Cape Schanck


Cape Schanck is a locality in Victoria, Australia. It is the southernmost tip of the Mornington Peninsula and separates the wild ocean waters of Bass Strait from the slightly calmer waters of Western Port.

It is beyond beautiful. More than I could ever begin to explain, so I’ll let the pictures do the talking today.


  1. Girl. This is so so good! What a lovely adventure :)

    Love that shot of you too. Did Kev take it?

  2. This is truly stunning Jes. I especially love the picture of the walkway going straight out to sea, it feels as if you could just walk out into the ocean and away from all your troubles. :)

  3. Ah Australia is so unbelievably beautiful when it want to be. I love this Jes, the white theme is so effective.
    Your blog looks so clean and smart. Very nice :)


  4. So stunning. These pictures captured the place so beautifully!
    xo Rachelle // Beloved Bluebird

  5. wow, that is an amazing spot. i'd love to go to the mornington peninsula someday!

  6. My goodness. Now that is the essence of coastal purity. I adore the new layout, it's been working wonders. It certainly sets a focal point on the posts and words you decide to piece together, but I really did enjoy this post and its self-explanatory beauty through photos. We're so lucky to be living in such a gorgeous country. :)

  7. This spot looks incredible and your photography is sublime!


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