I Love You Because


In you I’ve found the love of my life and my closest, truest friend” - Unknown

So, just last week I was wandering around on Bloglovin’, as I do, and I stumbled upon Louise’s post I Love You Because.

Reading through the post I felt as though I related to Louise so much in ways I couldn’t explain, even if I tried. The way she spoke about how she was “quick to temper” and was quick to see her significant other’s flaws – it was almost as though Louise took the words right out of my mouth. Or mind.

And it’s true what Louise’s friend, Clare, advised “instead of a quick ‘love you!’ try saying ‘I love you because…’ It “struck a cord” with Louise, just as well it did for me, and so I felt as if it was appropriate to do the same through a blog post tonight.

Dear Kevin,

001.       I love you because you can tolerate me like no one else has before.

002.       I love you because you take care of me when no one else is there to take care of me.

003.       I love you because you manage to make me smile when I’m at my lowest.

004.       I love you because you love me for who I am – you say I don’t need make-up, or fancy dresses to impress you or to make me look beautiful.

005.       I love you because you respect me.

006.       I love you because you trust me.

007.       I love you because you support me endlessly.

008.       I love you because when I’m beyond stubborn – always almost – you stay with me.

009.       I love you because you understand me, and hold me when I have my crazy anxiety attacks.

010.   I love you because you always try.

011.   I love you because you’ve turned me into an optimist rather than a pessimist.

012.   I love you because you let me talk endlessly about my future. The day I marry, the day I have children.

013.   I love you because you lie with me, and watch the sappiest, sentimentalist, and foolish romantic films of all time.

014.   I love you because you’re you. 

As Louise said "whoever it is you're saying, 'I love you' to, I'd encourage you to add a 'because' on there and strengthen your sentiments so much more" 


  1. I love you Jes, because you are so honest and compassionate.

    I read Louise's post and I loved it! I very much like this idea indeed :) X

  2. I love you because of how you followed my blog at the very beginning and commented lovely comments that made me smile, and how you were able to restart your blog, because change takes courage. :)
    xx Emma | theearththroughalens

    1. Aw, Emma. I'm glad I could make you smile just as well you make me smile. Thank you girly.

  3. I love that you're in love because love is just the thing that keeps someone alive and well. Without love, from a parent, a partner, sibling or friend, we really dont have much. Love for ourselves is most important too! And I'm glad that Kevin helps you feel all of that. Goodness, he is a catch!

  4. And that's exactly how a fine girl like you should be treated. This makes me happy and hopeful. :)

  5. Awww I loved Louise's post about 'I love you'. It was so sweet and heartfelt. Cool that you did it too! :)


  6. This is so very sweet!!! Darling read for this dreary weather we are having here.




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