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I’ve been exhausted. I just completed my first term of my second year at University, and it’s safe to say I was, and still am, in need of a break. Hence the lack of posts. I do apologise, so today I am leaving you with another Inspired post but bear with me. Allow me to resurrect myself back into reality. I promise you, there are exciting post coming very soon.

001.    Black & White photographs. I have, and always have been in love.

There is something so beautiful about black and white photographs, don’t you think? I’ve been aiming high so I can capture the same feel about black and white photographs, but for some reason, I can’t seem to achieve the look of a “perfect” black and white image such as the one I posted. I am head over heels in love with the grain embedded into the image, and how subtle the image is itself. I mean, if you know how to achieve this exact look, be sure to comment below and let me know your secret ways!

002.    Maxi (Indie) Skirts. Oh, so fabulous.

Now, I am not your kind of gal who would wear maxi skirts, mostly because I feel insecure about my figure, and how much it would look as though I am wearing a potato sack around my waist but when I stumbled upon this baby on Pinterest, I immediately fell in love and wished I could rock this look.

003.    Freestanding baths have won me over.

For those who don’t live in Australia, you may not be aware of the television show House Rules. House Rules, in a nutshell, is a show where teams all over Australia, from each different state, renovate each other’s houses, and of course, at the end there is a prize of their mortgage being completely and utterly paid off. I’m addicted to say the least and even more addicted to freestanding baths since there is a lot of those on the show. They look so luxurious, and so me. I need one.

004.    Let’s escape to the mountains.

Funny story: I was scrolling through Pinterest, as I do best, and I saw this picture and little did I know this very picture is on my iPhone, as my background. I’m in awe. It’s such a beautiful photograph, and one day I hope to move somewhere nearby where I can look outside my window and wake up to this every day.  There’s something so majestic about mountains, and fog, and all of the above. Wow.

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  1. I really like your inspirational photo finds! There's something so elegant with black and white photographs. I like maxi skirts but am unsure if I could pull them off; I'm on the petite and short side, and maxi skirts might drown my figure haha. It's cute how they've paired it with a crop top though! Just the right amount of skin showing :)

    ♥ Michelle [michalogy]

  2. Maxi skirts are so beautiful, but I don't think I can pull them off (I'm short and upset!)
    Love inspiration posts, the photo of the mountains is amazing!

  3. I'm definitely all about the maxi skirts! The floor length, tea length, the pleated, the cotton.. I'm collecting a lot of maxi skirts this summer haha. Also, I'm moving into an apartment and have collected a billion and one B&W photographs to frame!

  4. We should: Run away to the mountains, wear maxi skirts and take black and white photos as we sit in an empty freestanding bath eating chocolate and drinking wine.


  5. I love the layout of these posts so much! Somehow the way you've placed the images is so... aesthetically pleasing! Why don't you just give a few different styles of maxi skirt a try? I bet you would find the perfect one that looked amazing!
    imogenscribbles x

  6. stumbled upon your blog.

    I love maxi skirts, and I'm a size 14. but to each his own :P


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