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This may be untrue for others, but it is a definite fact for me; I work better in brighter, cleaner spaces. I feel like my imagination and creativity can run wild to its heart’s content.

Unfortunately, I don’t have a space where I can let my mind run wild with imagination and creativity to its heart’s content, simply because I don’t have a suitable, bright and clean working environment.

Fun fact about Jes; I do most of my University work and anything blog related – and everything in between – in and on my bed.

Yes, I know. Working in any shape or form in and on your bed is completely inexcusable. It shouldn’t be allowed, but I do. I do because instead of having an organised desk, I have a vanity filled with far too many cosmetics I don’t need anymore, and receipts that should have been thrown out a long time ago.

And it’s time for a change.

That doesn’t mean I am going to throw away my vanity. No way. I am in love with that baby, but I will relocate it, and replace it with a desk sooner or later. For now, I am seeking inspiration in ways which I can decorate my own working environment.

And these so far are my favourite in which I stumbled upon Pinterest – oh Pinterest, you’re amazing.

Maybe this may inspire you just as much as it inspires me?

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  1. Ahh my desk had become such a mess lately, it really does impact your creativity!
    I always seem to end up with my make up all over my desk despite having a dressing table.

    I love reblogging these kind of photos! You have all white furniture don't you? What a dream!
    And sometimes it's okay to be comfortable while you work, there are studies! haha if I had a laptop I would do my blogging in bed :P

    1. Them feels...

      Fortunately, I do. I am so happy having white furniture so it's exciting while on the hunt for another yet again white piece of furniture and having the opportunity to decorate it with tiny plants. I'm too excited about this.

  2. You really have such a gorgeous blog! Yeah, I understand your pain, my desk is always so cluttered and I always end up doing work in bed which apparently is awful sleep hygiene, someone once told me! Oh well! Hope you get your dream desk space v soon :) xx

  3. i do my uni work and blog things in my bed as well and really should stop it. it's so bad for my back, haha! organizing a pretty working space should be a priority, hope yours turns out amazing! x

  4. Haha receipts!! yes! and movie tickets, and clothes labels and anything that I didn't want in my bag or wallet that day. My room did have room for a desk but i replaced it with a standing clothes rack cause I cant seem to part with 3 year old clothes haha

    I need my own space desperately. I feel I will be more creative if I had one.

  5. I love all those workspaces, is there anything better than a white desk?

  6. Added your link in my blog post just because we have the same decor style! :)



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