I Hate That it's Winter Here...


It’s either too wet, too dark or far too cold to seize any opportunity to pick up my beloved camera. But today, even though it was still very, very cold, I prompted my sisters, Rachael and Ashley, to put on a warm cardigan and come on a little adventure with me, my camera and my tripod.

They love adventures just as much as I do, so of course they were ready within minutes.

We went down to a local park nearby and with the sun slightly behind clouds I prospered.

Whilst learning about Aperture, Shutter Speed and ISO, I am also attempting to teach myself how to capture raw emotion in photographs. Natural photos are in my opinion the best photos.

I fell in love with the last picture of Ashley purely because I managed to catch her laughing. It’s beautiful and it makes me feel somewhat happy on the inside.

You wouldn’t have guessed that they were twins, would you? Fraternal of course.


  1. I hate when the weather is no conducive to photography. These are lovely though. That last one is frame worthy for sure.

  2. for some reason i keep forgetting you don't live in England haha I don't even know why I thought you did! These photos are so sweet, natural/candid photography is definitely my favourite style and i love the last one too :) I haven't learned anything about my camera yet, i still put it on the 'no flash' thingy and just take pictures which is pretty bad to say how much I spent on it. Oh- and they look nothing a like!

  3. I love these Jes :) So so good, you've done a really good job of capturing the exact right moments :)

    You are really mastering your Canon! We need to have another photo date and you can show me how you do some things :) Your sisters are so lovely too! I think I saw them on your instagram or something and knew they were twins! So cool! Rachel is just like you :)

    1. Thanks Meg :)

      I am trying, I really am. I still prefer to have a crisper (if that's even a word) look with my photography but it could be the quality of my camera as well. Practice makes perfect!
      And we definitely, definitely do. I have been thinking about it lately actually, so I'll definitely contact you very soon and we'll organise something!

      Haha, a lot of people say that. Whereas Ashley looks a lot like my brother. Crazy.

  4. Your sisters are so gorgeous - just like their older sister, of course! I never would have ever guessed that they'd be twins. That's a pleasant surprise. :)

  5. great job on the photos! they look really good! and I couldn't agree more...natural REAL photographs are the absolute best! keep up the good work! ;)

  6. Your photographs look WONDERFUL! It's sun boiling here in Pakistan, we're having worse summer time! I have a twin sister too :)

  7. What amazing photos Jes! Your sisters look very sweet, and it's cute how they're both wearing the same jersey. I think photos of people are the best, I never tire of looking at the emotion in someone's face. :)

  8. These are so precious Jes. Your sisters are gorgeous, as are you :-)


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